Pumpkin Cranberry bread from Ad Astra

Our friend’s birthday just passed and we attended a potluck party in her honor. Since our friend is just as geeky as we are, it only seemed appropriate to make her something equally geeky. I do not have the gift of creating recipes themed around specific series or ideas, so that was out. Luckily, I have lots of cookbooks that work to feed the inner geek (ha, I made a bad joke).  So I turned to my newest geek cookbook, published in honor of the 50th anniversary of the

bread layout
bread layout

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Costume contacts-Yeas and Nays

sorry for the terrible picture

I have been wearing a lot my cosmetic lenses (circle, costume, and otherwise) out and about a great deal lately. I’ve also been bumping  into a lot of people in convention restrooms who are trying  to put in contacts.  Since I wear contacts everyday I often assist those desperately seeking help.   These people are usually grateful for assistance I and anyone else offers them as they eagerly don their contacts.   Continue reading Costume contacts-Yeas and Nays