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Planning for AX

So we’re gearing up to go to Anime Expo. It’s so hard to believe it’s right around the corner. Of course there’s lots to do before we’re ready to head out. I don’t know about anyone else, but we also find it hard to prepare for going a convention that’s a ways away (more than a one day drive). Deciding whether it is better to drive or fly and what that means for what we can do at the convention. It’s definitely hard when you know that flying means decreased ability to cosplay or bring home new items. We’re definitely collectors, although there is certain benefit to limiting what you can bring home. Eric will undeniably buy some Gundams though ;). The amount of stress driving would and the fact that it still costs several hundred dollars to drive across country  does help make a decision, especially with the amount of time we would have to take off of work. With just two of us going this time, flying wound up being the way to go.
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Steampunk Bar Opens

We found out recently that a new steampunk-y bar named, appropriately enough, Steampunk Alley opened in town. Understandably we had to try it out. The place is the front of another bar which was interesting, but not uncommon.

The decor was understated and steampunk-esque. The Tardis was painted on one wall, along with a brass ship. The facing wall had large gears painted on exposed brick. The actual bar is situated in the middle of the room with central shelving that is industrial with small items such as a miniature deep sea diving suit helmet, a la Jules Verne. The beers on draft were uninspired, but acceptable including an enjoyable brown ale made just blocks from the bar and a few other local options.

The liquor options are much more enticing with several options available. The whiskey selection is particularly impressive-not equal to a whiskey bar but notable nonetheless. The two bartenders were delightful as well, one had just started and while not knowledgeable she was very pleasant and quite willing to try anything. The other bartender was very knowledgeable and professed to enjoy a challenge-always a good trait.

It was a great bar and we’ll have to go back after they finish decorating and actually have a menu.

NekoCon: Panels and More

Last weekend, the group managed to get to NekoCon. Since I’m looking to acquire Todd Haberkorn’s signature on all of the Watanuki covers of XXXholic, we ventured to Nekocon 2015. It was the first time that I went, so I didn’t quite know what I was expecting. The convention was a nice size. The people there were great, and despite being sick, I had a great time!

Julia only wishes she had managed to let Tawnie Bow studios know we were going to be there. Her favorite wig vendor at a convention and she had no knew purple wigs in stock! Not a problem though as she quickly pointed out the 3 purple wigs she had that Julia didn’t already own. 🙂 Crisis averted and hes the happy owner of a new light purple wig.

Doomtastic presented two panels this time around. We presented our typical Real Robot: Crushing your misconceptions on Friday afternoon, which had a decent amount of people. Being sick and with the odd setup, things could have gone better, but people seemed to enjoy the panel. I even caught a few people taking notes, which was exciting to see. Now we just to revamp some stuff. Sunday morning was the debut of our panel, The Chronicles of Bright Noa! This panel is our first panel to be focused solely on Gundam. It was a great panel, but both the Panelists were sick, so even though the audience enjoyed the panel, there is definitely more room for improvement.

There were several panels that we attended. These panels were very mixed in content, which is nice because it definitely meant that there was something for everyone.  This applies to the two video rooms that the convention had as well.


Tigercon -Towson University’s anime convention was on October 25th this year and we just happened to be there 😉 I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a college con, or think that you outgrow them, but they’re a lot of fun. Most college cons are open to the public too, which is nice. And admission tends to be on the cheaper side. Tigercon happens to be free.
It’s a great small con, lots of fun, nice and small, ‘fun-sized’ if you will. It’s great to have such an intimate experience with other attendees. They had a good video line up and some fun panels. The artist’s alley was definitely a big plus too. Many of the vendors there are art students and they do beautiful work. We ran into a bunch of old friends. And bought Spiderman and Hell Boy bead sprites from them 🙂 Since the con is so tiny you definitely get to see all of the attendees and get to do a little bit of everything. We went to a really fun panel all about the Eva related things to do in Japan and one on Perler beads. We especially like a panel called “Putting the U in U.C.” It was a greater primer on Universal Century.
All-in-all a great experience. If you live near a college that has a convention I would encourage you to participate.

Baltimore Book Festival and Sushi

Summer’s back and fall just got here. This weekend felt like summer renewed. I’m not one to like summer very much. In fact, I hate summer. I’m a winter person through and through. Give me my 30 degree temperatures and snowfall of several inches.

Friday we spend the night with some good friends at Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar. While the gimmick of having sushi just rotate by you over and over again, the quality of the sushi has much to be desired. It was a great time, and we got to see people we don’t see too often, so that was completely worth it.

This weekend was also the Baltimore Book Festival. It’s usually located up in Mt. Vernon around the Washington Monument, but due to restoration construction, it was down at the harbor. The location wasn’t too terrible. The main part of the festival was located from the Visitors Center to Rash Field. The space felt a little more spread out, but I much prefer the shadiness and the beautiful architecture of Mt. Vernon to the Inner Harbor with it’s non shadiness.

We only stayed there for a couple hours due to the heat. We picked up some pretty awesome books including book one of Robotech, and a graphic novel called Finding Gossomyr. We had lunch at Laurrapin Grille, who had a tent there. The food was super delicious! They are a restaurant local to Havre de Grace, who use local and sustainable food for their meals. That made it a worthwhile place to eat.

Sushi was good, Book Festival was good. All in all, a fun and entertain weekend. Until our next post, have a doooooomtastic week!!!