So you did not get to go to…

Hey all,

So I know a week ago some of us were at Katsucon and some of us were not. Sadness. But we have all had those weekends when we just could not make it to the same con as our comprades. Those weekends when we look at photos and posts on social media and sigh wistfully. Or maybe angrily. And it could be for a whole host of reasons: work, money, time, transportation, etc.

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Geek House=Safe Space

I opened my front door after work today to find two of my housemates watching One Punch Man and discussing Stephen Universe. Another one is working on a Arios model in our craft room while someone played Xenoverse in one room and Tales of Berseria. Yes it is a lot of people. It is also a big house. The point, however, is that we are fortunate enough to be a household of geeks. (In case you did not know, pretty much all of Doomtastic shares a house and there are a few other geeks here besides).  We kind of live the nerd life as our roommate says.

Geek house= safe space
Don’t you love this shirt from woot shirt?

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