Costume contacts-Yeas and Nays

sorry for the terrible picture

I have been wearing a lot my cosmetic lenses (circle, costume, and otherwise) out and about a great deal lately. I’ve also been bumping  into a lot of people in convention restrooms who are trying  to put in contacts.  Since I wear contacts everyday I often assist those desperately seeking help.   These people are usually grateful for assistance I and anyone else offers them as they eagerly don their contacts.   Continue reading Costume contacts-Yeas and Nays

Tales of Zesteria: Fun re-telling of a classic

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone is having a great time. Before I go and get ready for the festivities this evening, and they are just this evening, no Halloween conventions for us, I just wanted to leave a little post talking about Tales of Zestiria. If you are into the “Tales of” games then you probably have already picked it up and figured this out. It’s the Once and Future King. Continue reading Tales of Zesteria: Fun re-telling of a classic

Nostalgia and Giveaway!!

We went to Suncoast (yes they still exist!) and bought a few things. We love going to Suncoast and actually owning DVD’s and talking to people about anime. Streaming is great, but there’s nothing like owning a hard copy of something you love.  Plus it was hard to believe we didn’t own a copy of Akira or Bladerunner! So we purchased those along with a few other things. We wonder if everyone is as addicted to Orphan Black and it’s awesomeness as we are. If you watch it, then probably.  And the manager of the local Suncoast totally gets it. Continue reading Nostalgia and Giveaway!!

The Legendary Flavor

We love the ‘Tales of’ games here and Tales of Zestiria is coming out next month!!  So excited. We’ve been playing some here in anticipation of the new game. A good JRPG is a thing of beauty. One of our favorites parts of the tales games is the little asides that they incorporate without interrupting the game play.  The more you play, the more one thing becomes evident, the characters in the tales games do like their food -and so do we.

Continue reading The Legendary Flavor

Finally watched ‘K’

Otakon just ended and we had a blast, despite the technical glitches. A great end to our con season for the year.

Despite the euphoria, this post is actually to talk about a series we just finished (K as you might guess from the title of the post) .

This series has been out for a while as have some of the various adaptations and the movie.  ‘K’ is one of those interesting anime because there hasn’t been a lot of buzz about it over here as much as there was in Japan. This is definitely part of why we haven’t watched it yet, it was easy for it to slip out of mind. Now there’s a new season coming out this fall , which has been licensed by Viz, and it seemed like the perfect time to watch it.
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