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Finally watched ‘K’

Otakon just ended and we had a blast, despite the technical glitches. A great end to our con season for the year.

Despite the euphoria, this post is actually to talk about a series we just finished (K as you might guess from the title of the post) .

This series has been out for a while as have some of the various adaptations and the movie.  ‘K’ is one of those interesting anime because there hasn’t been a lot of buzz about it over here as much as there was in Japan. This is definitely part of why we haven’t watched it yet, it was easy for it to slip out of mind. Now there’s a new season coming out this fall , which has been licensed by Viz, and it seemed like the perfect time to watch it.
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Rice Recipe from Manga Cookbook.

I was making sushi rice the other night for some home made maki-absolutely delicious. I have made this many times, but I also have The Manga Cookbook. I haven’t made much from this cookbook, although I have had it for a while, so I decided to make the sushi rice recipe from this cookbook than the one I regularly make. These recipes are really intended for children, so they’re very simple.

But I bought this cookbook because it’s adorable-see!

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Planning for AX

So we’re gearing up to go to Anime Expo. It’s so hard to believe it’s right around the corner. Of course there’s lots to do before we’re ready to head out. I don’t know about anyone else, but we also find it hard to prepare for going a convention that’s a ways away (more than a one day drive). Deciding whether it is better to drive or fly and what that means for what we can do at the convention. It’s definitely hard when you know that flying means decreased ability to cosplay or bring home new items. We’re definitely collectors, although there is certain benefit to limiting what you can bring home. Eric will undeniably buy some Gundams though ;). The amount of stress driving would and the fact that it still costs several hundred dollars to drive across country  does help make a decision, especially with the amount of time we would have to take off of work. With just two of us going this time, flying wound up being the way to go.
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