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This is where you can find the various panels that we’ve done. For some of the, there could be a document that goes along with it. Enjoy!

Animate the Future: When science fiction and Anime meet

This East meets West panel looks at subgenres of science fiction and how they appear in a variety of different media from the U.S., Europe and Japan. Come and learn about how some of your favorite science fiction subgenres are expressed and influenced by culture in and some of your favorite anime and manga.  –Space Opera, cyberpunk, and alien invasions, oh my!

The Chronicles of Bright Noa: An Introspective look at the Universal Century

As the character who appears in most of the series in the Universal Century, we believe that Bright Noa is the most important character in the series. Come and join us as we talk about his achievements, actions, and feelings, and how they affected the Gundam Universe as a whole!

Con to the Utmost

Want to make sure you get the most out of your convention? This panel has something to offer everyone from raw first timer to seasoned convention attendees.  It will covers the things you need to know to squeeze every last drop of squee from your convention, from budgeting, to packing, to finding your favorite events, and more! Come to this panel and get the Appleseed to ZZ for enjoying each step of your convention.

Cosplay Cosmetics

You have makeup question? We have makeup answers. From lingo to lipsticks, Doomtastic and Kurenai Kiba have been getting questions that focus on makeup. Now, you can get your questions answered live! Come to this panel to solve your cosplay makeup inquiries. This panel is dedicated 100% you.

Diving into the Deep End: Sexuality in Anime and Manga

Wanna talk about sex, baby? Wanna talk about you and me-and Japan?  Let’s talk about sexuality in anime and manga. Come and hear about the way sexuality is portrayed in different types and series of romantic/erotic anime and manga as well as what this means in terms of culture.

Dressforms for Dummies

Tired of sewing cosplays on your own body? Need an extra pair of hands, but can’t afford a new dressform? Come learn to make your own! This workshop will show you an easy way to make a dressmaker’s dummy with products that you can find at any store!  Perfect for the cosplayer or tailor (from virgin to veteran) who wants a simpler way to alter their clothing.

Ghost in the Matrix

Do you want to expand your science fiction collection? Ready to check out that “anime stuff’ but not sure where to begin? These worlds have collided time and again and we are here to guide you through the experience. Let Doomtastic guide you through this world so we can help you find your white rabbit.

How to be Awesome! at least not be a jerk

The name really says it all…a quick guide to staying positive and being the kind of fan who draws others to them. Helpful hints for how to act in a variety of convention situations, from cosplay to panels and everything in between.

Mecha: Or How I Learned to Worship the Gundam

Dive into the awesomeness that is Mecha. Want to share your love of Mecha, talk to others about Mecha, or think about Mecha in different ways? Show up to this panel and do all of that and more!! Come to venerate Gundam, Eva, Valvrave, Escaflowne, Code Geass and more. We are Gundam! Ho!

Oh for the Love of Folklore: A Fan’s perspective on Rumiko Takahashi’s work

Do you remember the playful joy of Urusei Yatsura? Ever wonder why Lum wears tiger print?  Why magical hotsprings in Ranma ½? Wonder how Rumiko Takahashi got the idea for a time a traveling well? We’ll discuss the folklore basis for Rumiko Takahashi’s stories and how she’s impacted manga.

Re-telling of stories of the Rising Sun: Japanese Space Operas

Remember Buck Rogers and his adventures? How about Duck Dodgers? Maybe you soared with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. But what about Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Captain Harlock? Space Opera has captured our imaginations for a century, taking us to far away galaxies and planets. Join us as we take a look through Glass Fleet and space operas of anime and manga.

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Seminal Sketch Sci-Fi

Have you ever wondered what anime has influenced your favorite science fiction series? Ever noticed similarities between Ghost in the Shell and the Matrix? Do you wonder why the power rangers have color coordinated suits and zords? Or maybe you just want to learn a little about the intertwined history of science fiction and anime. Then join us as we explore several of anime’s most influential science fiction series.

That Gundam Thing

Gundam has been around since 1979 and has spawned a vast number of series over the years. This primer brings you into the multiverse that is Gundam. Taking a look at numerous shows and timelines, we will take a look what series is right for you!

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To Err is Gundam…

From Newtypes to innovators, from the One Year War to the Calamity War, and from the Zero system to the Destiny system. Each Gundam timeline presents it’s own philosophy in the ways that humanity can transcend, and how war directly impacts that ability. Join us as we take a look at each series’ outlook on transcendence and war.

Ummmmm, actually…

How impressive is your nerd knowledge? Can you out geek your friends or random strangers with obscure facts? Come down to find out. This is a trivia game show with one simple objective. Correct the mistake in the geeky fact or quote in order to earn points and win prizes!

Wiggin’ Out?!?!

Don’t trash it, Fix it! Frustrated by your wig’s tangling and efforts to restore it? Curious about the best way to store and travel with a wig? Want to know how to get the most bang for your buck or ensure you are taking good care of your lovelies? Come join Yoseijira and her 10+ years caring for wigs to learn about the fundamentals of wig care!



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