Snacks With Senpai 7/24/2020

Hey all, welcome the first of our TL;DR #snackswithsenpai summaries

On 7/24/2020 we tried two tokyo treat boxes and a munchpak


From tokyotreat: The Salt and lemon chips, Corn potage snacks, Black thunder chocolate bars (always a hit) and the Salt Lychee KitKat, the Premium Grape Soda, Sakura Oreos

The Ramune and Blue Hawaiian Hi-chew as well as the Pure Pokemon gummies were also a hit

From Muchpak: The Rap Icons Nortorious B.I.G. barbecue potato chips, the cactus and lemon fizzing candies.

The Tokyo Treat boxes come in two sizes-a classic for $22.50 per month and a premium for $31.50 per month. The premium has 3 additional snacks, a drink and full size bag of candy

The Munchpak box comes in three sizes, an~5 snack box for $11.16 originally, an ~ 10 snack box for $19.16 and a family box for $43.95 per box. With Munchpak you can choose a delivery schedule that works for you, so they don’t have to be monthly. You can also add a drink to each box for $6.00

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