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So when I decided to write about this a little bit, I got stuck on what to call what this post is going to be-now quite a rant, not quite a discussion. Basically, I am laying out the reasons thatI am in favor of treating cosplay similarly to clothing.  By this I mean a couple of things-one of which is that if you have specific requirements or preferences in clothing that


Cosplay Vs Clothing
A plan for Otakon-these light costumes are great in summer heat. and the shorts provide enough volume for pockets while their sturdy cottons construction makes cleaning a breeze



A plan for Otakon-light clothing that’s comfortable in the summer and has secret spots for wallets, etc.can be carried over into cosplay (such as having pockets, glorious pockets) do so. Several people I know do this makes a difference in how comfortable and convenient your cosplay are to wear. 



It also means that you are better able to wear your costumes all day at any given convention. I know a lot of cosplayers who would be annoyed by what I am going to say next, but I know even more who would applaud my saying it…Think about cosplay and weather the same way you think about clothing and weather.  If you are going to a convention in February that is on the windy banks of a river, take that into account when planning your cosplay-wear Revi’s winter outfit instead of her summer one or take other precautions, such as wearing skating tights.

cosplay vs clothing
Skating tights are a great, unobtrusive way to make clothing warmer.

But the primary reason I say treat cosplay as clothing, or perhaps the difference as I see it is that many people seem to loose track of the fact that clothing should be functional-and you can make cosplay that is functional as well. If you are treating your cosplay  as an item that you are going to wear frequently it is much

Cosplay vs Clothing
All three of these cosplays are washable, transition from summer to winter, and have pockets.

more likely to be washable and comfortable.  In the picture above, all of those items can be thrown in a washing machine, a plus for items that are going to be worn for 12+ hours.  Think of the cosplay (at least the base parts, let’s leave accessories and armor out of it for now)  as its component items of clothing such as pants, shirts, or dresses and try to make them functional items of clothing. This is one of the distinct advantages I often see/hear people who are avidly into closet cosplay endorse and I understand why. Those items are clothing items that are meant to be worn regularly and frequently offer advantages inherent to clothing over costumes.


The other huge advantage of treating cosplay as wearable clothing is that means it is clothing! You can wear it to many things! I frequently re-purpose cosplay items as special occasion wear.  clothing vs cosplay This dress, which I bought as the base for an elf costume, works wonderfully at a wedding as well.  The dress I made for my Sailor Pellegrino costume I have worn to two different holiday parties.  There’s nothing about a red cocktail dress that doesn’t work at a holiday party and it allows me to stealth cosplay, which I find quite enjoyable.  I am already looking forward to where I am going to wear the dress I am preparing for Athena. So change how you think about your cosplay.

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