Review: Dai-Guard

A while ago I found this little gem at the Discotek Media booth at one of the many conventions I travel to. This was Dai-Guard: Terrestrial Defense Corp., a mecha series which I had heard of, but never watched. It looked entertaining, so I decided to pick it up.

I finally got around to watching this a few weeks ago, and I really swept through this series. Now to the fun details.

Dai-Guard is a sci-fi mecha series created by XEBEC and directed by Seiji Mizushima, who directed both Gundam 00 and the original Full Metal Alchemist anime series. This is a quaint story about a security company in the year 2030 and their giant robot…also paperwork.

Look how huge it is!

Dai-guard is robot that was created by the 21st Century Defense Security after an attack by a large monster known as a Heterodyne. Unfortunately, they disappeared after the first attack, and it became nothing more than a attraction for years to come.

12 years later, the Heterodyne come back and it’s up to Dai-Guard to save the day. The giant mech has 3 pilots. Shinsuke Akagi is the headstrong hero and primary pilot of Dai-guard. Ibuki Momoi is the navigator of Dai-guard, making sure it can move correctly and quickly to it’s destination. Finally, we have Keiichiro Aoyama, who serves as Dai-guard’s engineer.

While these three can be considered the man protagonists, it’s large cast is fairly prominent throughout the series. From Shirota, who serves as the tactical adviser to Domeki, the genius who created all the tech, and usually spots the weaknesses for the Heterodynes.

This is not just a series of a giant robot fighting off giant monsters. It’s a series about teamwork, family life, and of course¬†bureaucracy! Almost everything in this series revolves around the paperwork and rules of a private company having completely control over Dai-guard. This adds a level of comedy that you might not have expected from the series premise.¬† From the military taking away a weapon because the correct paperwork was not filled out on time, or making sure that the members take their vacation, you won’t be bored.

This is a series reminiscent of Patlabor in the comedic bureaucracy that is found throughout it’s 26 episodes. This is also a very character driven series. The three pilots and Shirota have the strongest growth throughout the series as they spend a lot of time fighting their personal demons.

If you love giant robots, a character driven story, and a bit of comedy with your action, I advise you to check this series out. It is now being distributed by Discotek Media.

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