Making Hair Falls

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We know it has been a while since we posted anything, and honestly, this isn’t the geekiest or nerdiest of posts. When we were at Prattconin June we had a display of hair falls for people to try on along with wigs and other cosplay accouterments. A lot of people wanted to try on the hair fallshair falls and people, especially a lot of the mothers, were asking for directions on how to make them.   

There are lots of great tutorials out there, but just for these requests we have decided, or I at least I have offered, to throw my hat into the ring.  So here we go.

So you need quite a few items to make hair falls. The ones we had at Prattcon and we have pictures of in this post used tubular crin, rexlace, ribbon, small ouchless hair ties, zip ties, and mini hair claws.    The ones that were really popular in the nineties.  Of course, you’ll need scissors to cut the crinoline and ribbon, rexlace, etc.Hair Falls These make the style commonly known as cyber hair falls. If you want to make some different kinds you could use metallic yarn, which is pictured here, tie some small bells onto strings or embroidery floss, or even use some knotted embroidery floss.  They will have a different style and can look a little more bohemian.  When you add the bells people often call them fairy locks.

Once you have everything together, decide how long you want the falls to be and start cutting the crin (or whatever you want the main material to be) twice as long as you want your falls to be. Hair FallsAdd pieces until you have a nice think bundle.

Then you start adding the other pieces that you would like to make up the bulk of your locks. This means the rexlace, the thread, the ribbons, embroidery floss, etc. Your bundle should start to look soth the zip tie so you can pull it up on either side of the zip tie and slide it around the edges of the claw. Hair Falls

Now your hair fall is complete!!! Look at how lovely it looks on the kitty cat! Hair Falls

Hope that this was helpful and that you like it. We will be back to our usual geeky posts sometimes soon.

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