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Graham and I just got back from Zenkaikon 2018 and of course, we had to write about it.  Unfortunately, Kamille couldn’t go this year due to some work obligations.  Zenkaikon has his favorite LARP of all the conventions he goes to and he was quite disappointed to miss it. We know that his fellow LARPers were sorry he couldn’t make it Zenkaikon 2018 and will hopefully see him next year.

We had our typical wonderful time, and we brought a friend who had never been to Zenkaikon before. He also had a wonderful time. He admitted he was a little shocked at how polite the staff was while at the same time being completely effective in completing their roles. Graham and I, of course, are not shocked…it’s just one of the many reasons we love  Zenkaikon. We just wanted to say that there were some grumbles about scheduling, but there was a new head of scheduling and he did a great job.  Scheduling something as large as a convention is an absolute beast of a task.  The snafus were all pretty minor, which as quite the testament to the skill and dedication of the Zenkaikon staff.

We of course went to tons of panels, and loved quite a few. If you are familiar with our panel viewing history, you know that we definitely caught a Children Driving Robots panel since we make it a point to catch at least one each year. This year they debuted a new panel named Americanizing Anime which discusses why and how changes were made to anime series when they were brought to the US.  It was a really fun panel, and I imagine it is only going to get better with time. We do hope that they keep the choose your own adventure feel though!

We ended Zenkaikon with a panel on kit bashing which was held by a local artist John Salvino. John is a Lancaster based comic book artist and author who does a lot of kit bashing to create reference forms for his art.  His tips and tricks panel on the basics of kitbashing was a great intro, and his information is really accessible. He also brought along some examples for people to see up close and personal, which was a really wonderful touch.  Also, because he comes to kitbashing as an artist looking for original forms instead of a modeler, he has some very interesting insights into visual libraries and forms.

And finally we want to thank everyone who came out and saw one of the panels that we were involved in. We had the honor of sitting on a panel with Chris Meharg, the creator of Anime Science. He does some amazing Myth Busters style panels and posts. Definitely check him out. And the people who came out to a panel at 9 o’clock am on a Sunday are just amazing. Double thanks.

We couldn’t really write a review of Zenkaikon 2018 because as has been consistent with the particular convention, we don’t really have anything negative to say. It’s just a great convention and we love it.  If you haven’t made it Zenkaikon in the past and you are a fan of either science fiction, anime, or both we highly recommend it.

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  1. You guys didn’t just sit in you know. You gave me the idea in the first place, and added a lot to the panel. I just did the boring science parts. Thanks for the shoutout.

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