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So this post is a little late, coming out on a Friday when Awesome Con ended on Sunday, but it’s been busy at Doomtastic HQ.  But you guys do not care about our issues. Let’s talk about Awesome Con 2018!

We had an awesome time, as you would hope at a convention where awesome is  *literally* in the name.  It is typically an amazing convention and this year is no different.  We did have several panels, including our Dressforms workshop on Friday night, which we present in conjunction with Kurenai  Kiba.  We always love hosting that workshop, and we heard that you love attending it! Thank for all your support. If you came out to any of our other panels, we hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoy did.

While we really enjoy getting the chance to attend premieres that have special features such as NASA scientists and producers the way that we did for Lost in Space-spoiler, it’s fantastic! we also love all of the programming that is available for children. The incredible hands-on, family friend environment that Awesome Con consistently maintains is fantastic.  Definitely a highlight.  And Awesome Con does an excellent job as far as we have been able to tell that the panels that are given are all of high quality with lots of depth-or just plain fun. This year was no different, although there did seem to be a slightly stronger emphasis on science fiction and anime programming this year.  Future con, Awesome Con’s science and science fiction programming track, was definitely on full force this year.

The Exhibit Hall and Artists’ Alley were quite densely packed this year, we felt more than in past years. Interestingly, there were fewer vendors selling anime merchandise this year, despite the greater amount of programming targeting anime. Go figure. However, overall it seemed much more densely packed, and a reduction by about one-quarter of the vendors might be an improvement.   Also, there was some interesting categorization in the dealer’s hall that did negatively impact a few people. For example, a gaming group was in among the cosplay groups such as the Rebel Legion and it did appear to reduce the number of people who visited the booth.

The staffing of Awesome Con was quite interesting this year. We did find that staff members were frequently pulled away from panel rooms in order to address other issues. This meant that panels frequently ran long or were not capped and lines were at times higgledy-piggledy. While  panels running long is not a major issue if it is infrequent it is slightly more of a problem when it is a common occurrence and it results in the next panelist getting a late start. Particularly because Awesome Con has all of the fan and primary paneling scheduled for 45 minutes.  Some panelists are better at accommodating that shortened time than others. We are not good at it and always strive to improve.  But the ultimate test of any con is the attendees.

The fan energy did appear to be reduced this year as compared to previous years, with it reaching its zenith on Saturday. We speculate that this was largely due to two factors. The first being the holiday weekend, and the second being that it was competing with a few other large East Coast cons, including Anime Boston. And before we bring geography into this, people travel quite the distance to go Anime Boston due to its size and number of guests. It will be interesting to see how Awesome Con does next year since it will be the second year that Left Field Media is in charge.


Overall, Awesome Con was just as you would expect based on its name. We cannot wait until next year. See you soon!


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