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Katsucon 2018 just ended yesterday and we are here to talk about our experiences. Katsucon has become our home/squad con in a lot of ways recently, particularly in light of Otakon’s move to D.C. and we are happy to say that we had a good time this year. We went to some great panels, we particularly enjoyed the Sake 101 panel, given by our friend at Anime Science (seriously, he gives some great panels, check them out!) Of course Charles Dunbar had some new offerings that were wonderful. The JCI track is always a pleasure at Katsucon as they take advantage of their proximity to D.C. and the embassies and officials there, as well as the Japan-America Society which really allows for more depth and dimension in Katsucon’s cultural offerings than many other conventions can offer.

This was Jet’s first time at Katsucon and he really enjoyed himself.  He was particularly pleased with the panel offerings on diversity and specifically those run by the LGBT-HQ, although our understanding is that the other panelist focused on LGBTQ content unfortunately had to cancel due to illness.  He was a little bummed about that one.  The other thing that Jet remarked on for his first Katsucon was the quality and diversity of the cosplay. That, of course, surprises no one familiar with Katsucon, but it is always fun to see the wonder in someone else’s eyes as they behold this for the first time.  He also really loved everyone’s positive response to our Dressforms for Dummies workshop, so thank you to everyone who came out to that workshop on a Sunday morning.

We really enjoy each and every panel, presentation, or workshop that we give and hope that you enjoy them all too. Yoseijira and Kamille specifically want to thank everyone who waited out their technical issues during Diving into the Deep to listen to their whole panel and make it successful.

Now we are not looking at this with rose-colored glasses (maybe just a little bit).  We know many people had problems at Katsucon 2018, particularly with regards to photoshoots and we are sorry. We ourselves had many issues with the maps both in the guidebook apps(where there were not any of the convention center) and with the printed one as well as the ones that are actually part of the Gaylord. It was extremely difficult to find a few places due to this. Searching for the model expo was a bit of an exercise in frustration as the Riverview area was not even in the printed guidebook. The Annapolis rooms were organized differently than what was printed in the maps section of the guide and the hours for several areas were listed incorrectly.   We love Katsucon and hope that it continues to better itself.  Pictures will be up in our gallery shortly.

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