Sangawa 2017

Hey all!

We recently returned from Sangawa Project in Pittsburgh, and we decided not to do an in-depth review of the year’s Sangawa Project. It is such a unique experience that a typically review/sharing of our experiences does not quite do it justice. However, we had an amazing time as usual, and the unbridled anticipation and sheer excitement that we feel approaching the convention and then during it cannot really be overestimated. 

Typically, Graham, Kamille, and I go, but this year we managed to bring Kurenai Kiba and her man-thing as well as Bloodpixie. They also had a blast, which definitely reinforces that this is a convention for all types of people and convention attendees.  The panels are incredibly varied for the size of the convention, the sponsored events are amazing (although pretty much all 21+ since it is an 18+ convention) and you can actually spend time with the guests.

We know that people are constantly amazed that we travel 4+ hours for a small convention, but it grew out of our desire to do more conventions and has definitely been worth it every year. Hopefully the convention keeps its fun, lighthearted atmosphere and we keep having the opportunity to go each year. Now that I am done with this little love note, I’m going to catch up on some Love Live! Sunshine!!

We promise more entries once the holidays are over!


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