Too Much Star Wars? Is That Even Possible?

I’ve been in love with Star Wars since before I was a teenager. From X-Wings to the Jedi, everything about George Lucas’s universe captivated me. I’m sure many times while I was growing up I wanted to become a Jedi.

I’ve watched the original trilogy countless times, and I know there were many hot summer days where I would just watch all three of them. I’ve played many of the video games, watched the tv shows and read some the Expanded Universe, now called Legends.

The Expanded Universe, or EU for short is the compilation of novels and comics that take place in the Star Wars universe, but are not technically canon. While it was never technically canon, it was nice to have this opportunity to explore the different characters, worlds, and events in this large and expanding universe.

Back in April of 2014, it was announced that with the new films coming out, that all future story telling would all be connected. The EU would now become the Legends collection. While this made some people angry, I was very neutral about it. While I’ve read a lot of it, I did not enjoy all that I’ve read, and found man discrepancies in the timelines. While I’m sad that the stories themselves will never be truly canon, I was happy that there would be a group keeping track of everything coming out.

At the writing of this article I’m still conflicted on how I feel. Everything that we are getting is pretty much based around one of the now 8 movies that are out. While I understand that this might be to get people into the novels who may have never read them before, I’m saddened because we don’t get to explore¬† later or earlier than the movies right now. Honestly, I really want to see a book or comic that takes place during the old republic. Until then, I still have the EU’s stories.

For those of you who feel that the EU/Legends has just been completely thrown by the wayside, they are starting to bring back old characters, like Thrawn. We were lucky enough to have Timothy Zahn write a novel featuring his rise through the empire. Though I’ll miss the Thrawn Trilogy as being the a sequel series to the original 1977 trilogy, it’s great to have the efforts to have a coordinated effort.

With new movies coming as soon as December, and new books and comics coming out almost every month, Star Wars fans will have a lot of canon to work with. As with everything, nothing is perfect and people will like some stuff, while others hate it. As long as we can agree that Star Wars has been inspiring in some way, that’s all that really matters, right?

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