Julia’s First Gundam Build!

First post happens to be about another first. This past weekend I opened up the Gundam Model that my brother got me for my b-day! Super excited because it’s my first model, although definitely not as excited as Eric since he breathes Gunpla. (seriously the other night I think he exhaled plastic). Anywho, We opened it up and laughed a bit about how my SD Sengoku Astray (yes I totally went with the cutest Gundam I could find) had 4 runners as opposed to the mound of runners for his Master Grade DeathScythe as you can see here. CAM00007The left side is his, right side is mine. You can see the contrast, right?

I really enjoyed the build, making something is always fun. And sitting across from Eric at our makeshift workbench working on a Gunpla while he worked on his own was something we’ve really wanted to do. The SD series is a pretty easy build so it was nice for my first Gunpla. The only thing that bothered me at all was putting the stickers on the model. Not placing them so much as the fact that they don’t lie down nicely. I wound up taking a cotton swab to them, but I did find it irksome. No good way to fix it. From what I’ve heard all the decals and stickers have their own issues, but first build and all that. The nicest thing was building it with Eric and the lectures on all the different pieces and kinds of parts. And apparently I make sound effects to match the assembly.

I really enjoy the finished product as well.  The SD line is as cute as you would expect, and through in the Sengoku Astray-woooo!  Can’t wait for the next season of Gundam Build Fighters. Here are some of Eric’s models worshipping mine as is appropriate. CAM00015 Sorry for the poor resolution, I took it with my phone in the dark with no flash in order to get the candle behind it. Have a doomtastically fantawesome  day guys

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