Anime Expo 2017-Success!! (part 2 of 2)

Hey, all welcome back to our second piece talking about Anime Expo 2017!

Anime Expo 2017
Welcome to AX Banner

A few days ago we wrote about the exhibition hall, the absolutely amazing Anisong World Matsuri, and some of the panels and screenings we got to see there. And they were all fantastic.

But there were also some amazing guests at Anime Expo 2017 that are definitely worth discussing and raving about :P.  Although this is most likely going to be shorter, we cannot promise anything. So here goes…

If you are at all familiar with any of the larger anime conventions, or Anime Expo in particular, then you know that one of the biggest draws and opportunities at these larger conventions is the opportunity to meet some truly outstanding Japanese guests.  Sometimes you know about these guests ahead of time and go in planning to meet them and sometimes it is purely unexpected (the Japanese seiyu’s for Tiger and Bunny in a past year were one such experience). This year the Japanese guest list was long as varied as it typically is, including directors such as Tensai Okamura and manga-ka duo Akira Himekawa as well as many voice actors. We had the opportunity to meet Meijin Kawaguchi, which was of course mind-blowing.

Anime Expo 2017
Meijin Kawaguchi on Gunpla panel at AX 2017

We also had the chance to meet Toshihiro Kondo, the head of Nihon Falcom games, and the creator/developer of the Ys series of rpg’s. We are infatuated with the series ( as we are with so many JRPG’s, Persona 5 is currently on it’s second run through.) But Ys is a very straightforward RPG where the series follows a single character. It’s very rewarding and has amazingly beautiful fantasy scenery as well as fun, engaging gameplay. Fans of action RPG are going to love it.

Anime Expo 2017
Yosei-jira meeting Toshihiro Kondo

We also got to meet Team Four Star, which was pretty epic. It went exactly the way you would expect meeting Team Four Star to go. Wahahahaha.

Anime Expo 2017
Doommecha hangs with Team Four Star

While we did not meet Shoji Gatoh directly, he was in attendance at Anime Expo 2017 as well. Just a lesson that if you want an autograph you need to get in line for that ticket. He had a panel celebrating the anniversary of Full Metal Panic! at the Pre-show night. Yes, Anime Expo has a pre-show night that you buy a separate ticket to attend. Le sigh. But still awesome.  And Tensai Okamura was there and we got to attend his panel. This was a tremendous honor and chance because he does not attend many public events, much less events outside of Japan. 🙂   All the excitement!!!

And of course, since Anime Expo is such a trade show, you get lots of swag. Some of it free, some of it we bought. But it is all awesome!!  Yosei’s big impulse buy was this pair of purple unicorn slippers. The horns light up and everything!

Anime Expo 2017
Unicorn slippers from doki doki desu

Of course, we also pre-ordered video games, and are bringing home hats, manga, light novels, video games, pass cases, boxes, wallets, bags, pins, and so many other things.  It’s such a good time we kind of go crazy!!

Anime Expo 2017 Anime Expo 2017

Anime Expo 2017
Some Anime Expo swag

Anime Expo Anime Expo 2017 IMG_20170705_193219 Anime Expo 2017

Hopefully, we get to go many  more times, and you can go as well in the future if you have not already. Let us know what you would want to do an Anime Expo! (and maybe visiting Little Tokyo)


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