Awesome Con 2017

Hey all

Awesome Con 2017 just ended and we wanted to say that we had a blast!

awesome con 2017The staff was awesome (ha!) as always and they run a great convention. We particularly tend to like the Star Wars programming, because there are always awesome guests, moderators, and panelists involved. E.K. Johnston (the author of Ahsoka) being there this year certainly did not hurt matters any. Discussion of diversity among fandom and media was pleasant, not contentious and emphasized the fact that diversity is reality. Truth! Personally we feel that a little more intersection among those panels would be wonderful, at the same time, we are not the ones presenting them.

While there were a few pitfalls, such as the distance of the prop check from the weapon check, and the fact that some attendees were not able to reach their photo ops because they line to the dealers hall precluded it. And while this was certainly a bit of a blot on Awesome Con, we have little doubt that they will be addressed in the future as the con has a fairly positive track record in this regard. Cosplay was really on point this year, and in particular we enjoyed this Xena cosplay awesome con 2017

and this Kubo one as well. Awesome Con 2017Interestingly, a high percentage of the panels that we attended this year seemed to be run by librarians. We like this direction for panels, as they lead some fascinating ones, including the “History of Dragons in Film” and one on the preservation of comics at the Library of Congress, held by employees at the Library of Congress. We really recommend you check out their information if you are a collector.

We also want to thank everyone who came out to our panels and our  workshop. We had a blast, and honestly it is the attendees who make the con awesome or not, and this year the attendees certainly made that happen. The fact that Awesome Con 2017 sold out on Saturday is mind boggling considering how limited attendance at cons of any kind used to be, as well as Awesome Con’s relatively recent origination. However, we know that those high profile guests certainly don’t hurt.  For those of you who asked, we will try to have the Dressforms for Dummies information up sometime in the next week and a half.

Awesome Con 2017 was a wonderful start to a busy and hopefully productive, positive con season.  Hope everyone else had fun also.

Until next time…

For those who attended the Dressforms for Dummies panel, the link here will take you to the presentation to download from dropbox!

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