New Anime Nights for Spring

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If you are a fan of anime and live in or around Baltimore, then chances are that you know about Anime Nights at the Charles Theater.  But just in case you do not, or are looking for more information on it, please enjoy this post. Geek Baltimore:Anime Nights

To start with, let’s talk about the theater itself for a moment. The Charles Theater has been around in one form or another since 1939. The theater  used to only be a single theater, but it was expanded in 1999 to house an additional 4 movie rooms. The theater shows a huge number of independent and international films as well as first run films. It makes sense that a theater such as this would take the time to have a special series just for anime. It also regularly shows anime movies separate from the Anime Nights, such as their recent showing of Sword Art Online:Ordinal Scale, their showing of Empire of Corpses last year and their upcoming (April 2017) showing of Your Name.  Geek Baltimore:YourName




But in addition to all this awesomeness, The Charles Theater also has a dedicated series for anime movies. They show on Wednesday nights during the season at 7:30, subbed only and then typically a Saturday morning screening at 11:00 which has a dub. The theater has shown Ghost in the Shell this way as well as several Mamoru Hosoda films. Last fall they had a special Studio Ghibli series and their Anime Night Series which included Wicked City, Akira and Tokyo Godfathers, so undoubtedly some classics that you see a little less often. Check out last fall’s titles here. This year the series is going to start in May, with the titles and dates not yet stated, although it follows true to form, they will unquestionably be worth seeing.  Stay tuned for updates, either here or at their page. Geek Baltimore, Anime Nights

The chance to see an art form we love in this way is not to be discounted. The Charles also has more affordable pricing than the standard theater, with the most expensive ticket running $11.00. Supporting this by attending if you can is definitely one way to make sure we keep getting these opportunities.  We wholeheartedly endorse it. So check it out one night during the series. And if you want you can make it extra special by eating at BAMF cafe, which is just one block north on Charles Street. The food is okay, but the atmosphere is AMAZING.

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