Geek House=Safe Space

I opened my front door after work today to find two of my housemates watching One Punch Man and discussing Stephen Universe. Another one is working on a Arios model in our craft room while someone played Xenoverse in one room and Tales of Berseria. Yes it is a lot of people. It is also a big house. The point, however, is that we are fortunate enough to be a household of geeks. (In case you did not know, pretty much all of Doomtastic shares a house and there are a few other geeks here besides).  We kind of live the nerd life as our roommate says.

Geek house= safe space
Don’t you love this shirt from woot shirt?

And it has been a rough week for many of us. After dealing with stress at work and several days when you just feel like you are dragging, it is wonderful to walk into a place where I can say “Thundercats, ho!” and someone responded with “Cheetara rules and Liono drools” instead of getting a blank look and someone asking how I managed to get Orioles shoes. The shoes are Cheetara. Cheetara, people!

Geek house=safe space
Cheetara converse

And while some part of me feels bad for sounding like bragging during this post, there is nothing freer or more relaxing to come into a space and be authentically yourself. When anyone in our house walks in our front door we all know you do not have to justify what we like and what we enjoy. And this is important as we deal with the world. We all crave safe spaces. That is what lead to the creation of conventions to begin with-a haven where and when like-minded people can get together in order to revel in something that bonds them.

geek house=safe space
Bonding with like-minded people

And I know there has been a lot of flack about conventions not being welcome as they used to be, and that may be true. But in a geeky house of six, we can all be welcoming to each other and make it a safe space. And in the true spirit of geekery and science fiction, it is a welcome space for diversity as well as other geeks. One third of the house is black and two of us have disabilities as well. We have managed to make ‘nerd house’ mean ‘safe space’. That is really what home is supposed to mean after all. And as the world seems a little crueler and a little colder lately, it behooves us all to make our own safe space, whether, it is just ours, or open to everyone.

Sorry I got so preachy!


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