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We are actually here to talk about two different series that are on fairly new up on Netflix,Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1Series of Unfortunate Events and Voltron: Legendary DefenderVoltron:Legendary Defender Season 2.  Unfortunate Events  (on Friday the 13th) came out one week ago today and Voltron, of course, was released today. Chances are that if you are reading this, you are probably aware of at least one of these shows if not both.  I hope you are, especially with the fantastical trailers and splash pages that have been released for both series. And if you are not, you will be converts after this article. 

Originally we were not going to watch Unfortunate Events, although we have awaited the release of season two of Voltron as eagerly as the rest of the fans.  The books are entertaining, but after the movie adaptation with Jim Carey and Meryl Streep we were not expecting much. The trailers and splash page convinced us however, and we were hooked after the first epsidode. Neil Patrick Harris struck the perfect note as the villian (no surprise, NPH is typically flat-out amazing). And the second you see Joan Cusack you know this series is going to be stunning. The sets and costumes are second to none.  Series of Unfortunate Events season 1

And the theme song!! Or songs really. Neil Patrick Harris sings the theme and it changes for each two episode arc. And the end of the season has a closing that all of the characters sing which just brings tears to our eyes. And they have Patrick Warburton narrate. PATRICK WARBURTON. He strikes just the right tragic note as Lemony Snicket.  Jude Law did a great version in the film, but the writing just did not give him enough prominence.  Regardless, stay home and watch it. It is bleakly delightful and humorously depressing.  We could not stop watching. Even the things that were changed for the medium or updated slight were really appropriate and in OHO, done so perfectly.

And as for Voltron, it is just as astonishing as we expected. It does everything that you would want, plenty of odes to the original show, while still being somewhat fresh. The animation is gorgeous, just the way the first season is. And the writing is fun, striking just the right balance between goofy and serious tones. But we would anticipate that from the studio that brought us Korra and Avatar. They just do not disappoint. Especially the animation ode to the original series during the final battle sequence. Just beautiful.  Lance is Sokka 2.0 though. 🙂 Voltron:Legendary Defender Season 2 And the fact that you have Allura as a complete BAMF is just wonderful.  She was never a wish-washy character, but the way that she is a really strong individual who knows her talents, is confident in them, and does what needs to be done, is a great example of the way that more characters need to be portrayed. And you can watch the whole season in under six hours, which means that you can watch the whole series so far in under a day.

And since Unfortunate Events is comprised of eight-1 hour episodes, you can watch both series in two days. Just in case you were looking for something to do this week. There. BAM! plans made.

So stay in and catch some awesome TV

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