Sangawa Project Wrap-Up and Giveaway

Hey all

We were at Sangawa Project this past weekend and we wanted to say what an amazing time we had there. This is a smaller (attendance was about 600 this year), 18+ convention for those of you who are not familiar with it and it is run by the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society. This group runs Tekko and several other Japanese/anime themed events throughout the year.

Sangawa Project 216
Banner/official artwork for Sangawa Project 2016

 As you might expect from this, Sangawa is a really well run convention, even though sometimes smaller cons get away with being a little bit less organized. It is a really intimate convention or a really big party depending on how you look at it. 🙂 We always come away with new friends and have a great time, this year was no different. After attending for our first time it quickly became one of our ‘must attend’ events each year. We got to see some awesome panels and have a gunpla build party at the con, because why not?

We also wanted to thank everyone who came out to all of our panels, we had three this year-Seminal Sketch SciFi, thank you to everyone who attended this panel at 9 o’clock in the morning. Our hats are off to you and we hope you enjoyed attending as much as we loved hosting this panel.  Umm, actually… which is just always fun, sorry that one of us turned the computer off in the middle of the first question. Special moments. Thanks to everyone who participated in the game, congratulations to the winner of each round and extra-special congratulations to the grand prize winner of the game, Juan. We hope that you enjoy your gift card. And the final Doomtastic panel was Let’s Dub a Hentai, which we know everyone loved.  Thank you for coming out and participating. Shaunsuke is working on including Boku No Pico next year (jk). But in all seriousness, we do want to thank everyone who came out and supported us and our panels.

Sangawa Project has lots of other fantastic events, such as the Sangawa Social or the Taste of Japan. The social is an event that usually involves some kind of drinking contest and the Taste of Japan is a tasting of various Japanese Liquors. Both of these events are 21+ and have an extra fee attached, but well worth it. They have cocktail hours with voice actors as well, which are just fantastic. This years’ was with Todd Haberkorn. We have so much fun at this convention and have made so many friends over the years that we have decided to go to Tekko for the first time in 2017!

And that leads to more great news! Because we are so excited that we are going to be able to attend this convention and we want it to continue to flourish, we are going to hold a giveaway. That’s right! If you like us on facebook at Doomtastic, twitter at doomtastic13, or google+ at doomtastic13 and comment on this blog entry about why you want to go to Tekko, we will pick one winner at random who will receive a free badge!  The deadline for this giveaway is February 1, 2017. All participants need to be over the age of 18.

Good luck and we hope to see some of you there !


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