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I am sitting here re-watching Love Live! since season one of Love Live! Sunshine!! concluded. These shows are cute and simple and incredibly formulaic. Something about them just draws me in. The huge cast of characters means that there is always someone the viewer can identify with.

Love Live!Love Live! Sunshine!!

I just adore Nozomi from the original Love Live! and I feel like Hanamaru from Sunshine!! is a reflection of my past self. Hanamaru burying herself inside books and reading reminds me a great deal of my childhood. Love Live!A huge number of my friends are flat out obsessed with Maki and her adorableness, which you really can not argue against.  Just look at her. Love Live Maki Sooo adorable.

I try to watch shows that really have something to offer, but these are just so fun. It’s lighthearted and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Kind of like eating a muppet, or so I have heard. And that’s it. This show is so cute and feel-good that it is just what you need at the end of a grueling day or to relax on the weekend. And no matter how rough I feel, whenever I hear the opening strains of Bokura wa Ima No Naka de or Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki I just feel happy inside. And nothing makes a difficult or trying task easier than Ashiteru Banzai or Aozora Jumping Heart playing at top volume. Even my roommates work fa…ster or easier listening to the Best of collections. And they do not watch Love Live or otherwise enter into its bewitching world.

My only complaint is all the things that our house is filling with now that we have an idol franchise and Gundam in the same family….le sigh.Love Live

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