Rice Recipe from Manga Cookbook.

I was making sushi rice the other night for some home made maki-absolutely delicious. I have made this many times, but I also have The Manga Cookbook. I haven’t made much from this cookbook, although I have had it for a while, so I decided to make the sushi rice recipe from this cookbook than the one I regularly make. These recipes are really intended for children, so they’re very simple.

But I bought this cookbook because it’s adorable-see!

cookbook cover   If you aren’t familiar, this cookbook provides recipes for food items commonly seen in a variety of anime and manga. It’s a fun idea and does a good job. This cookbooks has lots of cute recipes for a variety of recipes which I’ll definitely have to try-a collection that ranges from bento recipes to usagi ringo (bunny apples). The recipes are all by Yoko Ishihara, who is a registered cook and dietician with art by Chihiro Hattori.  It’s been around for a while and has some nice general cultural notes and basics on Japanese eating practices. However, back to the primary recipe at this point -Sushi Rice! cookbook section  The process of course is simple and a combination of recipes follow that build on the sushi rice, including a maki recipe and onigiri recipe. First step-make rice. Enter my handy dandy rice cooker. rice  I mixed up some mirin, rice vinegara few other ingredients and stirred into the rice slowly with my little rice paddle. It worked out nicely, although definitely not quite as vinegar-y as my usual batch. The only thing left to do was make up some delicious maki. I went for my typical arrangement of cucumber, vegetarian crab, and cream cheese.  Not the recipe in the cookbook, but the one I chose to use and the favorite here.

Slightly overstuffed and absolutely delicious. maki

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