Geek Cooking: Hellboy Hot Wings

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Here I am talking about something that seems kind of strange to me-making hot wings. It is strange primarily because I am a vegetarian, but our other members are NOT and so I made them, largely because wings are Eric’s favorite and it was a nice group meal for everyone. This recipe did not come from a cookbook, but from the August loot crate magazine.

Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek cooking

Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek cooking
Hellboy Hot Wings ingredients. No oil in this picture
Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek Cooking
eeeeew, raw meat.

The recipe was fairly easy, although you do have to leave enough time to refrigerate them. First things is of course to get all the ingredients 3 lbs of wings, buttermilk, garlic powder, butter, hot sauce, honey, pepper, soy sauce and oil. Lots of oil.  Again, we’re not much for frying food, but this was a special occasion since Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend.  So here we go and open the wings. I expected this to be more disgusting since the whole touching the flesh of another creature part should happen here.

Luckily the brand of chicken we got had amazing packaging and I did not have to touch it. Score! And there the chicken  wings (and drumsticks) sit, on a baking dish designated as meat friendly.  But that is another story.

Once the wings are on the plate you add the buttermilk, 2/3 of the hot sauce (1 cup), pepper, honey, and garlic powder. Mix it all up and let them sit for 2 hours minimum according to the recipe.

Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek Cooking
Wings sitting in sauce before the refrigerator

I let them sit for 3 hours.

Hellboy Hot Wings:geek cooking
Wings after sitting in refrigerator

There is a lot less liquid after they marinate for three hours. Looking at this picture makes me feel queasy, so we are moving on.

While the oil heated up for the wings to fry, I made the sauce that is going to go on top. Take a quarter cup of unsalted butter. Hellboy Hot Wings:Geek cooking

Two thirds cup of hot sauce. P1030296

And one teaspoon of soy sauce

Hellboy Hot Wings: geek cooking






Put them all in a saucepan while the oil heats.

Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek cooking
Mmmm, sauce

While the butter melts, the oil should get to the right temperature to add the wings. You will need to fry them in a few batches.  Try to have enough oil to cover the majority of the wings.

Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek Cooking
Wings frying in peanut oil

The recipe said to fry for 10-15 minutes, I found 12 minutes was just about the amount of time to get them a nice golden brown. Bubble, bubble, bubble.




Place them on a paper towel or paper plate so that they can drain while you fry the remaining wings.

Hellboy Hot Wings:
Dry wings on the plate

The sauce is done at this point so you pour it on and serve!

Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek Cooking
Menu at our rather cramped dining room table. But no one had any complaints!

Just as a disclaimer, that is potato salad, but not the one that has a recipe in the loot crate magazine. I thought about it, but when I tried the dressing I did not care for it. Since it was the only part of this meal I was going to eat, I went with a salad I preferred.

And after Nick, Eric, and Teddy go through with the wings they looked like this.

Hellboy Hot Wings: Geek Cooking
Finished wings

The wings were apparently tasty and flavorful without being overly hot or spicy. Sounds like they make a nice change from standard buffalo wings, perfect for their namesake, a character who is definitely an original. Although he is kinda spicy….And there you have it, Hellboy Hot Wings!

Hope that you liked this little bit of geek cooking and that it inspires you to make your own!

Happy munching until our next doomtastic deliciousness.

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