Planning for AX

So we’re gearing up to go to Anime Expo. It’s so hard to believe it’s right around the corner. Of course there’s lots to do before we’re ready to head out. I don’t know about anyone else, but we also find it hard to prepare for going a convention that’s a ways away (more than a one day drive). Deciding whether it is better to drive or fly and what that means for what we can do at the convention. It’s definitely hard when you know that flying means decreased ability to cosplay or bring home new items. We’re definitely collectors, although there is certain benefit to limiting what you can bring home. Eric will undeniably buy some Gundams though ;). The amount of stress driving would and the fact that it still costs several hundred dollars to drive across country  does help make a decision, especially with the amount of time we would have to take off of work. With just two of us going this time, flying wound up being the way to go.

But now comes the worrying about what to pack, checking versus not checking a bag, are we going to manage cosplay, all that fun stuff. Luckily it’s not our first time at the rodeo, but it still brings up a lot of decision we have to make. Like, can we fit things in our suitcases, do we buy things there or take them with us, how much camera equipment can we fit. We also have to make decisions about how much room we’re going to leave to bring things back, and given the high cost of AX (totally worth it since we’re visiting family) how much we’re going to be able to buy swag-wise. Alot of this has already happened, but with time sneaking up on us it feels like we’re having to rush and re-visit many of these decisions. Fortunately, Anime Expo has a preliminary schedule up and running well ahead of the convention start date.

And since we’re going all the way out there, we get to plan what other fun things we’re doing. If we’re going to concerts and get to see the Miku Exhibit at Gallery Nucleus. I really hope we get to go that, although maybe not. We’ll only be able to go on Sunday after we leave AX.  This rush of anticipation is definitely one of the best parts of going to conventions and going to large, involved conventions in particular. I often ask what other people like and dislike about preparing for conventions.  What they like to do and how they plan for different events, what auxilliary events that other people relish the opportunity to go to.

Hopefully all our planning will pay off, but you know what “they” say about the best laid plans.

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