Rice Cooker Bread: A so-so success story

I looooove bread. I mean, who doesn’t?  The other day I was craving some fresh baked, yeasty bread, but didn’t want to turn on the oven. Undoubtedly because I have been watching a bunch of K-dramas and reading Yakitate, I decided to make break in my rice cooker. I have a little Zojirushi like the one featured in so many of these.  Watching and reading all of these convinced me that it would be easy to do. HA!

It started simply enough. I found a translation of the recipe used in Yakitate! Japan and dove right in. I love to bake and thought this would be a simple thing. It’s pretty simple in one respect-you dump everything right into the rice cooker after the yeast sits for 5 minutes, knead the dough and let it rise. Rinse and repeat. Then you use the rice cooker to cook the bread.

Turns out there’s a catch or two, such as the fact that many rice cookers have safety features to prevent overheating. This meant that my rice cooker wouldn’t fully cook the bread due to the fact that it was overheating from being on so long (3 hours after the first bake). Some cooks have stated that they jam a recipe into the switch, but I’m not sure how to do that on my rice cooker since it doesn’t have a switch. Plus it causes overheating, etc.  The second catch is the fact that I was using volume measurements and the original recipe (I don’t own Yakitate, but you can bet I’m going to now) calls for weight based measurements. This can make a huge different. Even the recipe claims that exact measurements are very important.

So my break was a hard lump instead of the light and fluffy masterpiece other people claim was their result. A delicious lump though.

I’m definitely going to re-visit this recipe with the weight measurements for ingredients and the information I’ve gotten from trying this a first time. I will master the bread!

And probably some other Doomtastic dietary delights.

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