Top 5 things to do in Baltimore during Otakon

Hey all, since 2016 is Otakon’s last year in Baltimore *sob* it seems fitting to make a list of five things you should do in Baltimore while you are in town for Otakon. The list would be longer, but let’s face it, Otakon keeps us busy enough that even five things is pushing it a little bit. But if you find yourself with a free hour or two here are some things to try out.

  1. Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

    Geek Baltimore: Geppi's Entertainment Museum
    Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

    In case you are somehow unaware, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is right across Howard Street from the BCC. This means it’s easy to head over and you can access it from the same light rail stop. The Museum is on the second floor of the same building as the Sports Legend Museum. Our earlier post about the museum lists all the reasons you might want to go there. It’s great for Otakon attendees because it is so close and you can get in  free with your badge!

  2. Collector’s Corner

    Things to do in Baltimore during Otalon
    Collector’s Corner Baltimore

    Collector’s Corner, Baltimore biggest comic book and collectible store now has an outpost in downtown Baltimore. This outpost is a 15-20 minute walk from the BCC on Charles Street. You can also take the lightrail to the Centre street or Lexington stops and walk east to Charles Street. While there is a lot road work in the area this has the advantage of being near a whole lot of restaurants that won’t be swamped with Otakon atttendees. 🙂 Plus the store has sales every weekend, so you can probably find some nifty stuff for a reasonable price.

  3. Fort McHenry

    5 things to do in Baltimore during Otakon
    Ft. McHenry by

    Fort McHenry is on this list for two reasons. The first is that it is an amazing historic site and you should visit for that reason alone. The second is that it has amazing scenery and provides additional gorgeous backdrops.  This is great for cosplayers who are looking for a little variety (although PLEASE don’t antagonize the rangers or other park attendees) in their photoshoots, especially since the fountains are out of comission this year. You can take the banner route of the circulator from Pratt and Light streets. Federal Hill Park is still available for those of you who don’t want to venture so far afield.

  4. Charles Theater

    5 things to do in Baltimore during Otakon
    The Charles Theater

    The Charles might seem like a little bit of a trek to get to , but it is easily accessed by the Penn-Camden light rail line (get on at the convention center and off at last stop which is Penn Station) as long as you are on the Penn-Camden shuttle you can’t miss it. Located  about a half block north of Penn Station, this threatre has both major and independent releases. During the fall and winter they host anime night, but unfortunately that is on hiatus for the summer. in the meantime you can enjoy a bunch of awesome movies that would be difficult to see elsewhere. For example, the Thursday before Otakon (8/11/2016) The Charles is showing the original Carrie as well as the AbFab movie.

  5. BAMF

    5 things to do in Baltimore during OTakon
    logofor BAMF Cafe located at 1821 N Charles St

    BAMF cafe is right next to the Charles Theater and you can get there the same way. This cafe is superhero, popculture, and all around geek themed. The owners are huge Marvel fans at it shows. The name even comes from Nightcrawler’s sound effects.  There’s a limited selection of sandwiches and small entrees that are tasty, but this place is primarily and super cool coffee shop with an awesome theme. Definitely worth a try while you’re here.

Also worth a mention is the fact that It’s Sugar in the Pratt Street pavilion carries oversized Japanese snacks including pocky and ‘giant’ ramune that are 13oz. If you can stomach the price it is worth a look.

Hope everyone enjoys Otakon and finds something to do in town!

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