Movie Stop Closing Haul

So as anyone who has been on reddit or follows this sort of news probably knows, Movie Stop is closing all of their stores.

Movie Stop closing haul
movie stop sales

And while this is hardly that surprising (although if you are someone who really likes to collect/own things a bit sad) it is a great opportunity to purchase a variety of things at a great discount as they attempt to offload their inventory.  All of their new discs are 30% off and used is 70% off with an additional discount where you get two free  used movies/discs if you buy three used ones. Woooh!

And additionally they have a whole mess of merchandise, pop figures, lanyards, mugs, action figures, etc. If you can think of it, they have it.  Although items are getting a little picked over, they still have some great deals.  Take advantage! I did!

Movie stop closing haul
Here’s the haul day 1!

In order starting at the left top and moving clockwise this pictures shows a pack of MTG cards (hunting pack), Infinity Gauntlet  silicone ice cube trays,  Royal Space Force, Wild Arms, Steam Detective, Legend of Korra, and the original Patlabor series.  There’s also a Doctor Who magnet in there. So all of this came to under $100.  Frankly amazing! My only real complaint is that I couldn’t get more ice cube trays. They are an obsession, but frankly my limited freezer/storage space is starting to interfere-clearly the freezer needs to become larger.

I liked this deal so much that I decided that we needed to go out again the next, but to a different location. The first one that we went to was pretty picked over after we left! At least of the things that I wanted to buy, they actually had a great deal of merchandise left. So we went to the only other location around, the one in Towson.  The shelves here were pretty bare but we still wound up finding a few things to purchase.

movie stop closing haul
Day 2 haul

This way we got to add to my collections of 80’s kids shows, and got a few classic movies, like Stargate. The playmats were an unexpected and quite pleasant bonus. All this for under $45. The movies were used, but in good condition hopefully and even if only half of them work we will call it a win. Plus that’s why we have a disc doctor. Only four and a half days left, it might be worth another look. 😉

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