NekoCon: Panels and More

Last weekend, the group managed to get to NekoCon. Since I’m looking to acquire Todd Haberkorn’s signature on all of the Watanuki covers of XXXholic, we ventured to Nekocon 2015. It was the first time that I went, so I didn’t quite know what I was expecting. The convention was a nice size. The people there were great, and despite being sick, I had a great time!

Julia only wishes she had managed to let Tawnie Bow studios know we were going to be there. Her favorite wig vendor at a convention and she had no knew purple wigs in stock! Not a problem though as she quickly pointed out the 3 purple wigs she had that Julia didn’t already own. 🙂 Crisis averted and hes the happy owner of a new light purple wig.

Doomtastic presented two panels this time around. We presented our typical Real Robot: Crushing your misconceptions on Friday afternoon, which had a decent amount of people. Being sick and with the odd setup, things could have gone better, but people seemed to enjoy the panel. I even caught a few people taking notes, which was exciting to see. Now we just to revamp some stuff. Sunday morning was the debut of our panel, The Chronicles of Bright Noa! This panel is our first panel to be focused solely on Gundam. It was a great panel, but both the Panelists were sick, so even though the audience enjoyed the panel, there is definitely more room for improvement.

There were several panels that we attended. These panels were very mixed in content, which is nice because it definitely meant that there was something for everyone.  This applies to the two video rooms that the convention had as well.

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