Geek Baltimore: Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

One of our favorite places in Baltimore is Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.  Full disclosure,  we have good friends who work there, so we may be biased. 😉

Geek Baltimore: Geppi's Entertainment Museum
Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

During Free Comic Book Day we were a slightly  surprised to hear that some of our friends were not aware of this haven, so we have decided to babble about it here.

This wonderful place started started as Stephen Geppi’s pop culture memorabilia collection, as has since evolved into a beautifully curated and accessible retrospective on pop culture in the US. Personal bias aside,  Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is a great place for any geek to visit in Baltimore. In addition it is a great place to take anyone who likes, games, movies, books, and comics. In addition, children always love this museum, and it has an awesome scavenger hunt that helps you to really explore the nitty-gritty of the exhibits.

The perfect thing for any geeky person in Baltimore, Geppi’s has exhibits dedicated to the history of comic books and graphic novels, commencing with cave drawings. The carefully curated displays guide you through a wonderland of games, comics, and movies.  It discusses each piece that is showcased in the museum and their impact on popular culture. While the majority of the material and displays are permanent, they also have special exhibits that change regularly. These have included Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz as well as some musical pieces and visual artists. It has had a Baltimore-centric exhibit and  there have even been surreal pieces dedicated to Edgar Allen Poe.

The museum is incredibly affordable at only $10 for admission, with a variety of special rates based on transportation and the day you attend.  Adding to the reasons to attend, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is also extremely accessible as it is on the campus of Oriole Park at Camden Yards and as such is accessible by both lightrail (Convention Center and Camden Yards stops) and the Charm City Circulator if you are not within walking distance.

It is an absolutely marvelous place to visit and to spend an afternoon.  If that is not enough inventive, the museum sponsors several events throughout the year that are always a blast. The two most notable are the Zombie-gras and the Cosplay Masquerade.  These are usually held in the spring, although a little bat has told me that the Cosplay Masquerade is likely to be at a different time of year in the future due to their temporal proximity both to each other and Katsucon.  The museum has wonderful events the weekend of Otakon-something to keep in mind if you are attending the convention during its final year in Baltimore. The musuem also holds many events where they try to support local artists and organizations, particularly those that support budding artists such as Creative Alliance or Art Alliance. The museum clearly sees itself as not just a custodian of popular culture’s past, but its future as well

And last, but not least, there is the museum store, known as Geppi’s Comics World. The store is reachable without entering the museum, so you can enter it without wending your way through the museum ( although you should visit Geppi’s Entertainment Museum at least annually). The store is fairly large and has an excellent inventory of memorabilia and collectibles. It positions itself as a local comic books and comic goods store, leaning more towards graphic novels and related merchandise than individual comics. We have purchased a variety of delightful goods there, from a Millennium Falcon model kit, to a set of Forgotten Realms Pint Glasses, to Funko Pop Figurines, Voltron Shirts and countless graphic novels and manga.

In short, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is a small mecca of popular culture, available for your purview all year round. It is a fascinating  and refreshing look at how popular culture and history are inextricably intertwined.   Stop by for a few hours to tour the museum, the special exhibits or pop in to pick up some goodies in the store.

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