Zenkaikon 2016-Our Experience.

Zenkaikon 2016 just ended and we had a great time. In all fairness, Zenkaikon is basically our favorite convention of the year. It is just the right size and combines both anime and science fiction, two of our favorite things!

It was as always, amazing, packed with tons of great panels and programming and the LARP was fantastic. ¬†Charles Dunbar ran¬†several excellent panels of course, but the man probably couldn’t run a bad panel if he tried. LOL. In addition, we attended some panels run by Children Driving Robots. They are a fun group and ran some really great panels (although I do think that they need more than 60 minutes to run a panel).

We ran two panels and had a great time doing so. We didn’t submit our Mecha: or How We Learned to Worship the Gundam. We definitely regretted not submitting that since it’s always a fun time and we will absolutely be sure to submit that in all future years. Since it’s a discussion and tailored to fit the convention theme, it is always different. Oh well. It didn’t happen at Zenkaikon 2016, maybe Zenkaikon 2017.

We went to a panel host by the individual who run Nijikon. It was all on M/M fiction, since the convention is slanted that way. While the panel was definitely a little different from the standard yaoi panel, which was highly enjoyable. It definitely would have been better if it had not felt like an unending plug for the convention. I am sure that the point of putting on this panel at another convention that is so close. However, after hearing about the superiority of their con for 90 minutes starting at midnight i was kind of done. Although we do own the book written by one of the founds, Beached by L. Bellamy and it very amusing.

Seeing Eien Strife was definitely one of the highlights. We’ve enjoyed their music ever since we first saw them perform several years ago at Zenkaikon. We’ve seen them since at other conventions and they are always wonderful.

But the best thing about Zenkaikon is the other attendees without a doubt. It is an incredibly fun, relaxed convention. The staff is great and really do an amazing job running this convention. They deal with the increased size each year smoothly. They also think of really fun and unique ideas, such as the cosplay/costume exhibition.

All-in-all it was a great time, just what we have happily come to expect from Zenkaikon.

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