Cucumbers with Cinnamon from Ad Astra

Back with another recipe from Ad Astra, the SFWA 50th anniversary cookbook. This one is a simple side dish for potlucks or for a few lunches at week. It’s really simple although it’s 33% to 66% who likes it around here. 😉 Basically it is cucumbers quick pickled with cinnamon (if you like cinnamon they are delicious). CAM00037

This recipe is submitted by Barbara Hambly. She is a delightfully quirky author. I believe that my favorite work by her is Stranger at the Wedding, although everything in the series is good. I highly recommend her work. Fittingly, she submitted a recipe as unorthodox as her work.  CAM00031It called for Persian cucumbers, which are basically just shorter than regular the regular English Cumbers you see in the grocery store.  Add some rice vinegar, cinnamon, sugar and salt and you’re in business.

It might sound a little odd, but the cinnamon with vinegar did not taste odd at all. Cut up cucumbers into slicesCAM00034, mix in the salt, sugar, vinegar. Once it’s all stirred up, add the cinnamon. There was no real measurement for the cinnamon, but apparently the testers like 1/4 tsp. I added 1/2 teaspoon because I love it. LOVE IT. CAM00036  I could have added more. And it was Vietnamese Cinnamon.

You mix all of it together and it looks like this->CAM00035<-

They are unexpectedly delicious. Although apparently my taste is somewhat suspect because I love horseradish. I would highly recommend trying this recipe. You have to like cinnamon and be willing to try something that sounds odd. I will say that when you are mixing all of these ingredients together, they are startlingly pungent.  They are great with a cheese sandwich.   🙂

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