Katsucon 2016

We hope everyone had as great time at Katsucon as we did. There were lots of great panels and other awesome content. The cosplayers were amazing as usually, and hopefully no one got frostbite during the fire evacuation. ;). We haven’t heard of it happening so far.
It was great to catch up with friends and make a few new ones. To those of you patiently awaiting the dress-form youtube tutorial, it is absolutely in the works and will be uploaded ASAP. There was a case of concrud that has definitely slowed us up a little bit. It is upcoming though. You can look at Kurenai Kiba on youtube or check with either of our facebook pages, we will announce the upload there.

We unfortunately did not make it to as many panels as hoped-a few cancellations assisted with that. :/ Some much anticipated panels just did not happen. I would like to say that the historical fashion in pop culture panel was especially interesting. Also the panelist was both very interesting and very patient with her audience. The character building panel was also excellent. I would recommend anyone interested in writing or running and RPG campaign attend a similar panel. We hope that all of you got everything you wanted out of your convention and that we’ll see you all again soon. I would type a little more, but the second season of Love Live is calling my name.

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