Tigercon -Towson University’s anime convention was on October 25th this year and we just happened to be there 😉 I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a college con, or think that you outgrow them, but they’re a lot of fun. Most college cons are open to the public too, which is nice. And admission tends to be on the cheaper side. Tigercon happens to be free.
It’s a great small con, lots of fun, nice and small, ‘fun-sized’ if you will. It’s great to have such an intimate experience with other attendees. They had a good video line up and some fun panels. The artist’s alley was definitely a big plus too. Many of the vendors there are art students and they do beautiful work. We ran into a bunch of old friends. And bought Spiderman and Hell Boy bead sprites from them 🙂 Since the con is so tiny you definitely get to see all of the attendees and get to do a little bit of everything. We went to a really fun panel all about the Eva related things to do in Japan and one on Perler beads. We especially like a panel called “Putting the U in U.C.” It was a greater primer on Universal Century.
All-in-all a great experience. If you live near a college that has a convention I would encourage you to participate.

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