Geek Baltimore Part II-Collector’s Corner

No discussion of geeky things to do in Baltimore and its environs would be complete without talking about Collector’s corner. If you’re from the area then you are probably already aware of it. If not, shame on you! Collector’s corner has two stores and a third to open January 30th .  In honor of this new store, it seemed appropriate to talk about Collector’s Corner now. 

This local chain has grown from one small store to THE geek store in Baltimore. While originally it focused on comic books, they have since expanded  to carry a little bit of everything (of course more comics than anything else, but that’s cool).  Collectors Corner has video games, retro consoles, clothing, games and of course, comic books! They buy and sell merchandise and collectibles, because really that’s what the owner, Randy,  really envisions-a place where you can go to buy and sell a huge variety of collectible merchandise and memorabilia.

The first, original, and largest store is in the Parkville area on Harford road.  Collector’s corner is now two store fronts wide and carries a huge variety of current and retro merchandise. Of particular note is the fact that they sell used comic books and graphic novels and makes buying them incredibly affordable. In addition if you have items that you desire to sell Collectors Corner is a great place to stop. Even if they don’t buy the items they will tell you why and review items with you. Just don’t expect a great deal for comics. :/

Much the same as similar stores, Collectors Corner hosts gaming events in their Parkville headquarters as well as their outpost in Bel Air. Events include Magic, D&D, Warhammer, to name a few. Non gaming events include a standard and girls only comics club and free movie nights.  The same is planned for their downtown Baltimore outpost (which will be a block from a ramen restaurant). They have also hosted Gundam modeling and may do so again.

Collectors corner is incredibly welcoming to the geek community at large, allowing many groups to hold events there, including anime clubs. 😉 They have also started their own convention-Collectors Con, which is a small con that accurately reflects the mission of the stores and the owner, Randy.
Collectors con is not the largest game store, or most unique comic books store with eyecatching features such as a castle wall or a Batcave, it is an amazingly solid store. It was conceived in and is guided in a way that it truly supports the community of which it is a part. And in doing so is further supported by the local community.  They also have amazing, never ending sales that make us happy 🙂 Get there and collect some stuff.


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