Geek stops in Baltimore-Part I: games and movies

(This is the first in a series of post about geeky things to do in  the Baltimore area. )

There are a great many geeky things to do in the Baltimore area. Interestingly enough White Marsh Mall actually is a good one. Before anyone reading this goes “Wait, what? A mall! You’re nuts!” Take a second and read the rest of this post. If you’ve read some of our earlier ones you know that we’re big fans of Suncoast and are frequent visitors at our local one . It just so happens to be the only one in the state of Maryland. We’re pretty lucky that way.White Marsh Suncoast
If you’ve guessed that this Suncoast happens to be in White Marsh Mall, well one-you can follow the dotted line and two-you are correct. White Marsh does happen to house Suncoast. Suncoast has an awesome collection of anime, science fiction, fantasy, horror, TV and other pop culture merchandise. And one of the best things is that you can go there and talk to other people about anime or comic book movies, or just movies in general. The staff is knowledgeable and has lots of info to share about all of those topics.  As you might expect, the individuals who work there are huge cinemaphiles and can make  great recoomendations or just have a fun heated discussion. And if you aren’t looking to talk to the staff, you can bet that you’ll probably run into other customers looking at the same merchandise as you. That usually leads to a fun conversation or too-especially if someone mentions something that you love. Of course, at times those conversations don’t make the most sense, but they are typically entertaining regardless.

There is one other store in White Marsh Mall that puts it on this list. In addition to the typical Gamestop, there’s a retro gaming store in White Marsh Mall called Re:gen. This store is AWESOME! It has a wide array of used games for everyone and every console. They sell older consoles too. The last time we were in there they had two Commodore 64’s for sale plus an Atari. And games galore for those consoles as well as all the typical ones that you would expect. Classic Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS and Nintendo, SNES. They also have used games for more recent systems (Playstation 1-4) X-Box. They have a fun collection of Nintendo 64 and Gamecube games as well.

Re:gen has all of these and accessories the way you would expect. It sells strategy guides for classic JRP’s and other games, likewise it sells controllers and retro game compatible consoles.  The most noteworthy things in the store, however, are the vintage arcade games in the store. There are tons of fun and worth a stop all on their own. They used to have retro console games to play as well, however, due to the fact that people were leaving their children unattended to play to games for hours at a time. Le Sigh.

Oh Well. They still have a couch and a television that plays a slew of gaming commercials.  And it’s a definitely a great place to spend some time looking at games, reminiscing about old favorites and replacing that games your little brother/sister/cousin destroyed.

So there you have it. Two reasons why White Marsh is a great geek shopping destination, despite common wisdom.

P.S. On the weekends SPCA has Project Adopt on the weekends so you can play with some cute fuzzy animals without feeling guilty about supporting puppy mills. XD

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