The Legendary Flavor

We love the ‘Tales of’ games here and Tales of Zestiria is coming out next month!!  So excited. We’ve been playing some here in anticipation of the new game. A good JRPG is a thing of beauty. One of our favorites parts of the tales games is the little asides that they incorporate without interrupting the game play.  The more you play, the more one thing becomes evident, the characters in the tales games do like their food -and so do we.

As you may know one of the recurring food items is soda rice which all of the characters seem to love especially the younger characters such as Elize and Karol. The first food quest in each game is usally to determine the recipe or find soda rice somewhere. Since an extra 30% XP is nice and trying different things can be pretty fun, we decided to try and make soda rice. The game makes it very clear that  the soda being referred to is not baking soda, the way that it commonly does in baked goods.

After some research, the best conclusion was a kind of modified rice pudding, cooking the rice first and using some left overs and then simmering it in ramune instead of milk.  This was syrupy sticky sweet and definitely taste like something chilidren would like.  This seemed super appropriate to us, since it is the younger characters who comment on it the most as mentioned above.  Afterwards, some additional flavorings were added to supplement the flavor of the ramune. We used strawberry ramune, so added some strawberry jam and fresh berries since they are in season.

All-in-all it was extremely diverting to attempt to re-create something fictional instead of just working from a known source or recipe. While you would definitely have to like overly sweet things to try this, it can be done, and you’ll get an extra 30%XP!!

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