Baltimore Book Festival and Sushi

Summer’s back and fall just got here. This weekend felt like summer renewed. I’m not one to like summer very much. In fact, I hate summer. I’m a winter person through and through. Give me my 30 degree temperatures and snowfall of several inches.

Friday we spend the night with some good friends at Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar. While the gimmick of having sushi just rotate by you over and over again, the quality of the sushi has much to be desired. It was a great time, and we got to see people we don’t see too often, so that was completely worth it.

This weekend was also the Baltimore Book Festival. It’s usually located up in Mt. Vernon around the Washington Monument, but due to restoration construction, it was down at the harbor. The location wasn’t too terrible. The main part of the festival was located from the Visitors Center to Rash Field. The space felt a little more spread out, but I much prefer the shadiness and the beautiful architecture of Mt. Vernon to the Inner Harbor with it’s non shadiness.

We only stayed there for a couple hours due to the heat. We picked up some pretty awesome books including book one of Robotech, and a graphic novel called Finding Gossomyr. We had lunch at Laurrapin Grille, who had a tent there. The food was super delicious! They are a restaurant local to Havre de Grace, who use local and sustainable food for their meals. That made it a worthwhile place to eat.

Sushi was good, Book Festival was good. All in all, a fun and entertain weekend. Until our next post, have a doooooomtastic week!!!

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