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Geek Cooking: Hellboy Hot Wings

Hello again!

Here I am talking about something that seems kind of strange to me-making hot wings. It is strange primarily because I am a vegetarian, but our other members are NOT and so I made them, largely because wings are Eric’s favorite and it was a nice group meal for everyone. This recipe did not come from a cookbook, but from the August loot crate magazine.

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Bright Bean Burger!

At this past Zenkaikon, I was volunteered to create a culinary treasure, a novel gastronomic gem, a delight that until now has been imagined, but not achieved. At the Chronicles of Bright Noa panel (I was not one of the panelists, I was told later when I was also informed that I have been enlisted to create this marvel) a intense discussion took place about the kind of burger that Bright Noa would eat. Apparently, the discussion was inspired by this picture.

Bright Bean Burger
The picture that started it all

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The Legendary Flavor

We love the ‘Tales of’ games here and Tales of Zestiria is coming out next month!!  So excited. We’ve been playing some here in anticipation of the new game. A good JRPG is a thing of beauty. One of our favorites parts of the tales games is the little asides that they incorporate without interrupting the game play.  The more you play, the more one thing becomes evident, the characters in the tales games do like their food -and so do we.

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Rice Cooker Bread: A so-so success story

I looooove bread. I mean, who doesn’t?  The other day I was craving some fresh baked, yeasty bread, but didn’t want to turn on the oven. Undoubtedly because I have been watching a bunch of K-dramas and reading Yakitate, I decided to make break in my rice cooker. I have a little Zojirushi like the one featured in so many of these.  Watching and reading all of these convinced me that it would be easy to do. HA!

It started simply enough. I found a translation of the recipe used in Yakitate! Japan and dove right in. I love to bake and thought this would be a simple thing. It’s pretty simple in one respect-you dump everything right into the rice cooker after the yeast sits for 5 minutes, knead the dough and let it rise. Rinse and repeat. Then you use the rice cooker to cook the bread. Continue reading Rice Cooker Bread: A so-so success story