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Aura Battler Dunbine

I have just finished another one of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s epic series. This one, unlike most of his, is a fantasy bound Isekai series called Aura Battler Dunbine. It is a 49 episode series, that gives what you’d expect from a Tomino series.

It features the protagonist, Sho Zama, who is transported into the magical world of Byston Well. It is said that Byston Well is located between the land and the sea. He was summoned to be a Aura Battler pilot for the overlord Drake Luft, but ends up working for resistance forces under the leadership of Nie Givun.


Overall, I really enjoyed this series. The characters were all very interesting, and there were a lot of them. By the end of the series, there were so many factions/sub factions at work, it could be hard to figure out who was who by the end of the series. The characters moved the story the most. While Sho is the main protagonist of this series, other characters like Marvel and Nie stood out just as much. Who could forget Cham, a faerie companion to the crew of the Zelana.

The soundtrack of this series was moving and emotional. The opening theme, “Dunbine Tobu” by MIO, certainly set the tone of this series with its upbeat and emotional song. It got me excited to watch the next episode.

If you’ve watched other fantasy mech series such as Escaflowne and Knights and Magic, or you enjoy fantasy epics, I recommend this series.


Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series, and you can watch it streaming on Hi-Dive and/or VRV.

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Review: Dai-Guard

A while ago I found this little gem at the Discotek Media booth at one of the many conventions I travel to. This was Dai-Guard: Terrestrial Defense Corp., a mecha series which I had heard of, but never watched. It looked entertaining, so I decided to pick it up.

I finally got around to watching this a few weeks ago, and I really swept through this series. Now to the fun details.

Dai-Guard is a sci-fi mecha series created by XEBEC and directed by Seiji Mizushima, who directed both Gundam 00 and the original Full Metal Alchemist anime series. This is a quaint story about a security company in the year 2030 and their giant robot…also paperwork.

Look how huge it is!

Dai-guard is robot that was created by the 21st Century Defense Security after an attack by a large monster known as a Heterodyne. Unfortunately, they disappeared after the first attack, and it became nothing more than a attraction for years to come. Continue reading Review: Dai-Guard

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Anime Expo 2017-Success!! (part 2 of 2)

Hey, all welcome back to our second piece talking about Anime Expo 2017!

Anime Expo 2017
Welcome to AX Banner

A few days ago we wrote about the exhibition hall, the absolutely amazing Anisong World Matsuri, and some of the panels and screenings we got to see there. And they were all fantastic.

But there were also some amazing guests at Anime Expo 2017 that are definitely worth discussing and raving about :P.  Although this is most likely going to be shorter, we cannot promise anything. So here goes… Continue reading Anime Expo 2017-Success!! (part 2 of 2)

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Gunpla – Master Grade Heavy Arms EW

I’m a big fan of Gundam Wing. For me, it was the series that got me into Gundam as well as anime in general. I’ve been slowly building all of the EW Master Grade kits. Recently, I picked up and worked on the Heavy Arms. I really loved building this kit, but while I was putting it together, I noticed some things.


After building a bunch of the frame and started adding the missiles to the shoulders, I noticed that it was pretty much just one shade of gray. With that in mind, I decided to paint the frame as Gray Metal color to give it a nice metallic look. I wanted the missiles to really stick out so I colored them a nice chrome color. I hand painted the entire frame, as well as the weaponry.


The picture above shows what the job looked like after the first coat of chrome. Not my best, but I’m still learning.

The other feature I really wanted to change was the gatling gun. I went between chome and gunmetal. Which made the gun itself look much more detailed. (See below)



While not my best paint job, I really liked how the gun turned out. The only thing I would change, is making sure that I clean up the seam lines in the gun.

Overall, this is a fantastic model that I would gladly build again. Next, I’ll be working on building a better Crossbone Fullcloth Gundam!

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