Big Eyes, Small Brain review

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 We were recently given the opportunity to review the new anime-inspired  RPG Big Eyes, Small Brain, (NOT to be confused with a previous anime-inspired RPG Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or BESM).  It currently has a Kickstarter open here. The game is designed by a company known for its satirical pocket RPG’s, Attention Span Games.  They have created other games such as Laser Metal and DnDizzle. Continue reading Big Eyes, Small Brain review

Aura Battler Dunbine

I have just finished another one of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s epic series. This one, unlike most of his, is a fantasy bound Isekai series called Aura Battler Dunbine. It is a 49 episode series, that gives what you’d expect from a Tomino series.

It features the protagonist, Sho Zama, who is transported into the magical world of Byston Well. It is said that Byston Well is located between the land and the sea. He was summoned to be a Aura Battler pilot for the overlord Drake Luft, but ends up working for resistance forces under the leadership of Nie Givun.


Overall, I really enjoyed this series. The characters were all very interesting, and there were a lot of them. By the end of the series, there were so many factions/sub factions at work, it could be hard to figure out who was who by the end of the series. The characters moved the story the most. While Sho is the main protagonist of this series, other characters like Marvel and Nie stood out just as much. Who could forget Cham, a faerie companion to the crew of the Zelana.

The soundtrack of this series was moving and emotional. The opening theme, “Dunbine Tobu” by MIO, certainly set the tone of this series with its upbeat and emotional song. It got me excited to watch the next episode.

If you’ve watched other fantasy mech series such as Escaflowne and Knights and Magic, or you enjoy fantasy epics, I recommend this series.


Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series, and you can watch it streaming on Hi-Dive and/or VRV.

Otaku Trip: 9 things to know or do for your trip to Japan

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We did not post anything in February because, as you may know from social media, our most frequent writers were in Japan! We did not post a travelogue and we are sorry, however, our internet access was spotty and we were quite busy. As a result, we ahve decided to make a quick list of our Japanese top 10. These are either things to know to make your trip easier or things we did that should de

This was our greeting at Narita Airport

finitely make the agenda of anyone travelling to the Kanto or Kansai areas.  It is the obligatory weeb post after our trip, however, we are going to try to avoid some of the obvious hits, like Akihabara and the 1:1 Gundam maybe go a little further afield from those points. (our trip did, so our list is going to as well.) Continue reading Otaku Trip: 9 things to know or do for your trip to Japan

Clothing vs Cosplay Conversation

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So when I decided to write about this a little bit, I got stuck on what to call what this post is going to be-now quite a rant, not quite a discussion. Basically, I am laying out the reasons thatI am in favor of treating cosplay similarly to clothing.  By this I mean a couple of things-one of which is that if you have specific requirements or preferences in clothing that


Cosplay Vs Clothing
A plan for Otakon-these light costumes are great in summer heat. and the shorts provide enough volume for pockets while their sturdy cottons construction makes cleaning a breeze



A plan for Otakon-light clothing that’s comfortable in the summer and has secret spots for wallets, etc.can be carried over into cosplay (such as having pockets, glorious pockets) do so. Several people I know do this makes a difference in how comfortable and convenient your cosplay are to wear.  Continue reading Clothing vs Cosplay Conversation

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